Yea, Lin’s nominal turnover figures look alarming, but this analysis suggests that it may not be a big deal at all.

The City

Amidst all the Jeremy Lin hoopla the past fortnight, just about the only concern that people seem to be raising about his game are the apparently large number of turnovers he’s producing. Through his last game against Sacramento, it was 5.1 TOV/36 minutes. Seems high, right?

Think about this, though. Jeremy Lin has the ball in his hands A LOT. Right? I mean, that much is obvious. That’s been the whole problem with the Knicks is that they didn’t have anyone who could handle the ball. So Jeremy has had a lot of touches. We don’t have a real-time source for touches, so nobody really knows exactly how much the ball is in his hands, but it’s got to be up there among the league leaders per minute (or per possession) right now.

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