Linsanity Stock Portfolio

Want to personally cash in on Linsanity? Here’s one way.

Introducing the Linsanity Stock Portfolio, a list of stocks that have plenty to benefit from the emerging worldwide Jeremy Lin craze. Since Feb. 6th, four of the following five stocks have out performed the S&P 500. (Invest at your own risk!)

dolla dolla bills, y'all

Nike (NKE): +3.5%. since 2/6. When Lin signed with the Warriors last season, Nike inked him to a deal- albeit a limited one. That genius decision has really paid dividends for the company as Lin will likely be the future face of Nike in Asia. Lin’s shoe line as well as Linsanity t-shirts are already in production.

Madison Square Garden Inc (MSG): +8.9%. Jeremy Lin single handedly resolved the Time Warner (TWC) and MSG dispute. He’s also responsible for the massive increase in ticket prices at the Garden, as well as millions of dollars worth in merchandise and concessions.

Disney (DIS): +4.1%. The media giant that owns ESPN and ABC is definitely cashing in on Lin’s rise. Not only does Lin take up half of the Sports Center airtime, Knicks game on the network are killin’ it as well. The recent Mavs/Knicks game earned a 4.8 overnight rating on ABC- the third highest rating for non-Christmas Day games.

iShares Taiwan Index ETF (EWT): +0.0%. In his parents’ native Taiwan, Lin is a great source of pride and hope for the Taiwanese. Will this optimism is rub off on investors? So far, this exchange traded fund that indexes Taiwan’s Stock Exchange is unchanged since Linsanity started.

eBay (EBAY): +11.0%. There are over 20,000 Lin related items up for auction on eBay, including a rookie card that recently sold for over $20K. In addition, eBay also owns Stubhub- the online sports ticket reseller, where Lin mania has driven up both page views and prices dramatically.