“Ballin’ like Jeremy Lin”

So Lil Wayne might “not be on the Lin train”, but Young Jeezy is…

Here’s an excerpt from Jeezy’s verse in “Champion”, by Nicki Minaj featuring Jeezy, Nas and Drake.

Straight balling in this bitch, Jeremy┬áLin; ‘Melo
Tell me one thing you won’t do: Settle
Give me one word for each chain: Yellow
Pocket full of money, black cars; ghetto

“Ballin like Jeremy Lin”…yea, real creative, but we might have to get used to it. A quick search on Rap Genius also reveals Lin’s name popping up in a number of rap songs.

In more serious news, though, I still can’t uncover the mystery behind Lin’s knee injury. I know it has been bothering him on and off this year, but we have yet to get a clear answer from him or the Knicks. The fact that he seems to be avoiding the media only raises more question marks. Hopefully Jeremy will be back in action next week.