Lin Weak on Defense? He Wasn’t Last Season

So, I’ve been reading some material regarding Jeremy Lin’s defensive weakness? I guess it’s fair considering Rondo had his way with Lin on Sunday, just as Kyrie Irving, Deron Williams and even Jose Calderon did in previous games in Jeremy’s young career with the Knicks.

After extensively following Jeremy last year with the Warriors and Bighorns, I find this pretty interesting. Certainly, I believed that Lin could defend at the NBA level- if anything. I mean, he did average 4.2 steals per 36. His tenacity and tremendous effort on D definitely stood out and sort of made up for the tentativeness he displayed on the other side of the ball. I’m pretty sure Jeremy himself admitted this in an interview (damn, couldn’t find the quote). Anyway, I definitely wasn’t alone in this observation.

Golden State of Mind Season Preview:

Lin played very nice defense, but he wasn’t NBA-level on offense one bit.

Another post:

It’s hard not to dig his hustle and defense though. He could have a nice, long career in the NBA as a defensive specialist of the bench.

That’s right…defensive specialist.

So what gives this season? Suddenly, Jeremy’s minutes have increased. He’s playing a leading role on the offense and getting less off days due to the shortened season. I’ll blame it on fatigue. In the meantime, let’s get Iman Shumpert some more playing time, especially with the tougher match ups.