Erie, PA: The Dream Continues Here for Lin

Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed. But, I definitely saw it coming.

On a lighter note, here are the top five reasons why Jeremy going to the Erie Bayhawks is gonna be awesome for him (and fans):

5. He didn’t get waived! The Knicks have never sent down anyone to the D-League. Maybe they kinda think he may have a future with the team?

4. NBA D-League broadcasts are FREE on: Futurecast.

3. Mike Gerrity, Loren Stokes, BJ Jenkins are Lin’s “competition” for playing time.

2. Lin’s garbage time tag team partner Jerome Jordan is also gonna be a Bayhawk. Future Stockton and Malone of Western Pennsylvania right there.

1. Looks like a ton of Chinese restaurants in Erie have gotten good reviews. The city also has a “very vibrant downtown and nightclub scene”. Pop bottles, baby.

Bayhawks play the Maine Red Claws this Friday. 7pm, 6 central. See you then.