All Star Weekend Shenanigans

Jeremy Lin's #1 Fan

In his third game in as many nights, Lin didn’t play much in the Rising Stars Challenge.He did have a nice lob to Blake early on, as well as a reverse layup finish in the second half. Despite Lin’s limited floor time, he was the talk of the town in Orlando. Here are some of the highlights from yesterday’s coverage:

Lin ASW Press Conference The full 16+ minute press conference. A lot of the same questions he usually gets, but Jeremy definitely keeps it funny and interesting. Like his game, Lin’s media skills have improved.

The Business of Jeremy Lin: Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery talks with sports business reporter Darren Rovell. “Everyone now wants to be your best friend…that’s the bad thing [about Linsanity], but the good thing is that Jeremy is recognized for doing something unique and special.”

All-Stars Impressed with Lin: Everyone says nice things about Jeremy! It never gets old!

Jeremy Lin in the Eye Of An All-Star Storm: SB Nation provides a great look at yesterday’s Rising Stars game and all that led up to it…also mentions that awkward moment when Jeremy’s parents were on the Kiss Cam and chose to ignore each other! C’mon!!

Nike Hyperfuse Rising Stars Game PE: Sneakerheads- check out the kicks that Lin wore for the game.

The Evolution of a Point Guard: Lin’s former coaches Eric Musselman (Reno Bighonrs), Keith Smart (GSW) and Lamar Reddicks (Harvard) provide perspective on Jeremy’s journey and progression over the past two seasons.

Shit People Say About Jeremy Lin: “I saw this white girl tweet that Jeremy Lin is hot…I retweeted it”.


A special press conference was held today just for Jeremy. Check out a video of the16+ minute session.

My favorite quote:

“I think the difference between me last year and this year is that last year I cared what everybody said, and this year I don’t really care what anybody says, except for my teammates and my coaches. That’s kind of the approach that I’m taking.”

There’s no doubt that Lin felt the pressure to represent the Asian-American community last year and also quiet the doubters who called him a “marketing move”. You hear constantly how he no longer plays for others, but rather for himself, his team and God. It’s a formula that seems to be working, for sure. | Hang Time Blog

[nba-video vid=channels/allstar/2012/02/24/]

ORLANDO – Fortunately, Jeremy Lin’s first press conference at NBA All-Star Weekend included a question about Jeremy Lin having any sort of press conference, period, at All-Star Weekend.

Even though it had only been three weeks since Lin “blew up” as the NBA’s biggest story – underdog Asian-American kid from Harvard coming off the bench to revive one of the league’s marquee franchises in America’s media capital – the frenzy had become the new normal for many.

Oh, of course Lin would be on the cover of Sports Illustrated (again). Oh, of course he would outsell every NBA All-Star in replica jerseys. Oh, of course he would have his very own press conference in an interview room that went SRO 10 minutes before he arrived.

Screeeeech! Someone finally stopped the Linsanity and asked Lin – who never asked for any of the hype or mania surrounding him…

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All Star Weekend

‘We all got dreams and we all star reaching, All star peaking, all star weekend”

A late addition to the Rookie/Sophomore Game (Sorry, I mean the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge), Mr. Lin will be joining Team Shaq along with teammate Landry Fields, Ricky Rubio, Blake Griffin, Greg Monore and Kemba Walker…um, this team is STACKED.

Lin will also be assisting Shump in the Dunk Contest. Dopeness.

I’ve always thought the NBA All Star festivities were the best among professional sports and this year should be even more special.