Stay Positive…

…and pray that the Knicks learn how to rebound.

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Melo (post game interview) answering his favorite question about “fitting in” with Lin:

I don’t think about that [dismissive tone]

Melo on the losing streak potentially fragmenting the team:

We’ve been in this situation before. Earlier in the season, we came together and fought through it. Right now, times are tough. I’m not gonna get through it by myself. Nobodys gonna get through it by themselves. We need everybody.

Talk is cheap. Make it happen.


Free Fallin’

Knicks struggles are correlated with Carmelo Anthony's return...just sayin'

Team “leader” Carmelo Anthony after the game:

“It’s not fun. Playing out there…it’s not fun.”

Uh, huh.

Novakaine (NYK 120, Cavs 103)

Photo: SB Nation

Do the Knicks have one of the best second units in the NBA or what? Steve “Discount Double Check” Novak hit five three pointers in eighteen minutes as the Knicks marched back from a sluggish start to beat the Cavs. Lin was very productive, as his numbers indicate- 13 assists to 1 turnover. But in all honestly, it was a true team effort tonight as six guys were in double figures.

I missed parts of the game since I was focused on my Northwestern Wildcats needing a win over Ohio State to make our first ever NCAA tournament (of course, NU lost). Sigh.

Anyway, here are a few bullets from the Knicks victory:

  • In the first quarter, Omri Casspi smacked Lin in the nose with his left arm and left his nozzle bloody for a bit before the training staff was able to fix him up. As usual, Lin continues to take a banging on the court- a byproduct of his agressive style of play.
  • Is Amare becoming the third wheel on the Knicks, behind Melo and Lin? Before the game, Amare admitted that his back injury kept him from playing in the offseason may have affected his game. On the floor tonight, STAT went a relatively pedestrian 14 and 5 on 4-11 shooting.
  • It was funny to hear the crowd groan a bit when Melo goes Iso…I feel the same way.
  • D’Antoni on now benchwarmer Toney Douglas after the game: “We believe in Toney.” Yea…OK, Mike.
  • Tyson Chandler is a beast.
  • 50 bench points.
  • Lin was +13 for the game. Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, was a game worst -19.

Next up: Sunday @ Celtics, 1pm EST/10am Palo Alto time on ABC

All Star Weekend Shenanigans

Jeremy Lin's #1 Fan

In his third game in as many nights, Lin didn’t play much in the Rising Stars Challenge.He did have a nice lob to Blake early on, as well as a reverse layup finish in the second half. Despite Lin’s limited floor time, he was the talk of the town in Orlando. Here are some of the highlights from yesterday’s coverage:

Lin ASW Press Conference The full 16+ minute press conference. A lot of the same questions he usually gets, but Jeremy definitely keeps it funny and interesting. Like his game, Lin’s media skills have improved.

The Business of Jeremy Lin: Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery talks with sports business reporter Darren Rovell. “Everyone now wants to be your best friend…that’s the bad thing [about Linsanity], but the good thing is that Jeremy is recognized for doing something unique and special.”

All-Stars Impressed with Lin: Everyone says nice things about Jeremy! It never gets old!

Jeremy Lin in the Eye Of An All-Star Storm: SB Nation provides a great look at yesterday’s Rising Stars game and all that led up to it…also mentions that awkward moment when Jeremy’s parents were on the Kiss Cam and chose to ignore each other! C’mon!!

Nike Hyperfuse Rising Stars Game PE: Sneakerheads- check out the kicks that Lin wore for the game.

The Evolution of a Point Guard: Lin’s former coaches Eric Musselman (Reno Bighonrs), Keith Smart (GSW) and Lamar Reddicks (Harvard) provide perspective on Jeremy’s journey and progression over the past two seasons.

Shit People Say About Jeremy Lin: “I saw this white girl tweet that Jeremy Lin is hot…I retweeted it”.

Heat Check (NYK 88, Heat 102)

Um, the Heat are a really, really, really good team. Lebron and Wade were flying up and down the court, Boshasaurus couldn’t miss a jumpshot and both Chalmers and Norris Cole handcuffed Lin all night like he was a POW. It’s tough to beat a team that’s bigger, faster and stronger when you don’t bring your A game- and that was the case tonight for your New York Knickerbockers.

Lin started off decent with two assists right off the bat, but he never seemed to look comfortable as the Heat were adamant to end the Jeremy Lin hype that has dominated the sports world for the past two weeks. After the game, Lin admitted: “I can’t remember another game where it was hard to just take dribbles”. Indeed, the Heat defense was just that good. They have the athleticism and length and tonight, they also brought supreme determination to shutdown Lin. Kudos to Coach Spoelstra for a solid gameplan as well (stop the Asian on Asian crime, Erik!).

So, Lin, Melo and Landry head to Orlando for this weekend’s All Star activities. It will be fun to see Lin hoop with Blake and Rubio (among others on Team Shaq), but Lin DESPERATELY needs some rest. It’s been a rollercoaster month. Time for Jeremy to shut down for a bit, recharge the batteries and sleep on an actual bed.

Just hope the Linsanity continues starting next Wednesday against the Cavs.

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Next up: Rising Stars Challenge (tomorrow 9pm EST, 6pm Palo Alto time)

The Deron Williams Show (NYK 92, Nets 100)

If there is any player who has a right to be fed up with Linsanity, its probably Deron Williams.

D-Will lives a few blocks from Chinatown in Soho. He was also Jeremy’s very first victim back on February 4th – that magical night started Lin’s sudden ascendance to worldwide fame.

Tonight, Williams reminded everyone that he is still the best point guard in the New York metropolitan area.

His sharpshooting from beyond the arc (8 for 14 for 38 points) was just too much for the Knicks to handle. Throw in Carmelo Anthony’s rustiness, Iman’s Shumpert’s absence and Amare’s sub-par performance…and that’s a loss.

Links and Notes:

Lin Post Game Press Conference / D’Antoni Post Game Press Conference

Deron Williams Post Game Interview

A Taiwanese reporter asks “It seems like you always beat the best team[s] like yesterday…but today you lost to a no good team” …Yup, that about sums it up!

Deron Williams: “We definitely had this game circles…the way everything has been going on with Linsanity”.

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Next up: Hawks at MSG, Wednesday 7:30 EST.