~Jeremy Lin’s Answers!!~ (compiled by Monica Huang and Margaret Huang<–my sister) ENJOY!!!

Angela Kim: When I heard you would be out for 6 weeks I just started crying to be honest. I already miss you so much being on the court! Anyway, my question is what’s your biggest pet peeve? (:

Jeremy Lin: ‎@angela kim my biggest pet peeve is ordering fast food and not being able to eat it until i get home lol. esp when it smells so good and is just sitting there in the passenger seat

Luis Alvarado: what are you gonna play!

Jeremy Lin:@luis alvarado im gonna play dota2 with my bros. just got it installed the other day!

Kar Tse: you gonna be back for the playoffs ?

Jeremy Lin: @kar tse i hope ill be back for the playoffs! its killin me to watch the team…

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