Novakaine (NYK 120, Cavs 103)

Photo: SB Nation

Do the Knicks have one of the best second units in the NBA or what? Steve “Discount Double Check” Novak hit five three pointers in eighteen minutes as the Knicks marched back from a sluggish start to beat the Cavs. Lin was very productive, as his numbers indicate- 13 assists to 1 turnover. But in all honestly, it was a true team effort tonight as six guys were in double figures.

I missed parts of the game since I was focused on my Northwestern Wildcats needing a win over Ohio State to make our first ever NCAA tournament (of course, NU lost). Sigh.

Anyway, here are a few bullets from the Knicks victory:

  • In the first quarter, Omri Casspi smacked Lin in the nose with his left arm and left his nozzle bloody for a bit before the training staff was able to fix him up. As usual, Lin continues to take a banging on the court- a byproduct of his agressive style of play.
  • Is Amare becoming the third wheel on the Knicks, behind Melo and Lin? Before the game, Amare admitted that his back injury kept him from playing in the offseason may have affected his game. On the floor tonight, STAT went a relatively pedestrian 14 and 5 on 4-11 shooting.
  • It was funny to hear the crowd groan a bit when Melo goes Iso…I feel the same way.
  • D’Antoni on now benchwarmer Toney Douglas after the game: “We believe in Toney.” Yea…OK, Mike.
  • Tyson Chandler is a beast.
  • 50 bench points.
  • Lin was +13 for the game. Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, was a game worst -19.

Next up: Sunday @ Celtics, 1pm EST/10am Palo Alto time on ABC


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