The Deron Williams Show (NYK 92, Nets 100)

If there is any player who has a right to be fed up with Linsanity, its probably Deron Williams.

D-Will lives a few blocks from Chinatown in Soho. He was also Jeremy’s very first victim back on February 4th – that magical night started Lin’s sudden ascendance to worldwide fame.

Tonight, Williams reminded everyone that he is still the best point guard in the New York metropolitan area.

His sharpshooting from beyond the arc (8 for 14 for 38 points) was just too much for the Knicks to handle. Throw in Carmelo Anthony’s rustiness, Iman’s Shumpert’s absence and Amare’s sub-par performance…and that’s a loss.

Links and Notes:

Lin Post Game Press Conference / D’Antoni Post Game Press Conference

Deron Williams Post Game Interview

A Taiwanese reporter asks “It seems like you always beat the best team[s] like yesterday…but today you lost to a no good team” …Yup, that about sums it up!

Deron Williams: “We definitely had this game circles…the way everything has been going on with Linsanity”.

Other Reading:

Jeremy Lin and ESPN’s ‘Accidental’ Racism

China’s New Sports Problem: Stop the Linsanity?

Next up: Hawks at MSG, Wednesday 7:30 EST.


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